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Course Overview:
Majors McGuire Inc. provides an Excavation & Trenching Safety Course that is intended as a general awareness course to teach participants about the hazards associated with excavations and trenches, the legislative requirements pertaining to excavation and trench work and the safe work practices that should be followed to ensure the health or safety of workers performing excavation and trench related work.

  • Introduction
  • Legislation
  • Soil Types
  • Cave-Ins (Causes & Methods of Prevention)
  • Underground & Overhead Utilities Hazards & Safe Work Practices
  • Heavy Equipment Operation Hazards & Safe Work Practices
  • Material Handling Hazards & Safe Work Practices
  • Confined Space Hazards & Safe Work Practices
  • Emergency Procedures

Course Length: 3 Hours
Maximum Class Size: 12
Certification: Recommended - 3 Year

To register for this course, please contact Majors McGuire at 519-944-9999 or fill out the Contact Us Form indicating which course you are interested in attending.