Majors McGuire Inc. has been a recognized leader for over 25 years in providing companies with the knowledge, training and best practice business models they need to provide industry-leading levels of on-the-job safety. Our team of highly experienced Health & Safety professionals work closely with all of our partners to assess your current Health & Safety Management Systems, identify any gaps and design custom solutions that not only meet or exceed current Health & Safety Legislation and Standards, they meet your specific needs.

With experience and expertise in agribusiness, industrial and construction settings, Majors McGuire Inc. is fully committed to integrating a safety program that meets your individual needs, while keeping all of your employees out of harm's way.
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Owner, Consultant
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Office Manager
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Business Development
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Operations Manager
Interview with Ronald McGuire in this month's Biz X magazine - page 7
Lift Truck Safety - Leamington
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Successful Members
“Training facilities located in Windsor, Leamington, Wallaceburg and Ingersoll serving South Western Ontario“
“The trainer was informative and engaging“
“Learned to have a cautious attitude when WAH“
“Training was interactive and the trainer very knowledgeable.“
“Majors McGuire's approach to our workplace inspections, improving our H&S and HR procedures and providing safety training for us was professional, cost effective and their staff were extremely knowledgeable and understanding. I would recommend them for all your Health & Safety needs.“