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Course Overview:
Majors McGuire Inc. provides a Hoisting & Rigging Safety course that provides participants with the knowledge and understanding of the duties and practical steps to be taken for the protection of all workplace personnel. Individuals will have obtained information needed to safely work with hoisting and rigging materials.  Participants will have an opportunity to handle equipment during the practical portion of training.

  • Legislation and standards 
  • Hoisting & Rigging hazards
  • Hazards in crane operating areas
  • Weight calculation
  • Fibre ropes, knots & hitches
  • Hardware, wire rope & slings
  • Equipment inspection
  • Rigging tools & devices
Course Length: 6 hours
Maximum Class Size: 12
Certification: Recommended - 3 Year

To register for this course, please contact Majors McGuire at 519-944-9999 or fill out the Contact Us Form indicating which course you are interested in attending.