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Course Overview:
Majors McGuire Inc. provides a Scaffold Safety Course that is intended to teach participants the principles orf Scaffolding Safety in order to better prepare them to properly select, use and inspect the scaffolding they use, while at work and possibly at home. Ultimately, the goal of this program is to educate workers who work with scaffolding, to help prevent injuries and deaths from occurring due to improper use related to scaffolding.

  • Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities
  • Basic Types of Scaffolds
  • Proper Selection of Equipment
  • Basic Components of Scaffolds
  • Proper Usage of Scaffolds
  • Scaffold Stability & Platforms
Course Length: 3 Hours
Maximum Class Size: 15
Certification: Recommended - 3 Year

To register for this course, please contact Majors McGuire at 519-944-9999 or fill out the Contact Us Form indicating which course you are interested in attending.