Safety Systems

Serving 3 majors business sectors, we provide competent
safety professionals & effective technical support to address
your human resource needs.

Covering Southwestern Ontario.

About Us
For the past 15 years, Majors McGuire has been a recognized leader in providing companies with the knowledge, training and best practice blue prints they need to provide industry leading levels of on-the-job safety. We work closely with all of our partners to assess their current safety standards, identify any gaps and design solutions that not only meet current safety legislation and standards, they exceed them.

With experience and expertise in agribusiness, industrial and construction settings, Majors McGuire is fully committed to integrating a safety program that meets your individual needs, while keeping all of your employees out of harm's way.

Our trainers are experienced, competent and eager to teach.

Where applicable, lessons from real events in similar environments are shared.

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Online Safety Tools
The "Safety Box" is designed with "You" in mind. - technologically useful, yet easy-to-use for people.

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